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How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

How to pick the perfect pumpkin at Gull Meadow Farms. Beginning in late September, we have two ways your family can enjoy the pumpkin picking experience.


With so many shapes and colors, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Be sure to wear the right footwear for walking on the uneven ground, and be sure to have your camera ready to document this fall tradition.

The pumpkins picked from patch are weighed and paid for once you’ve picked your favorites. Then you can grab your pumpkins and board the wagon back to the rest of the fall festivities.


Visit our pumpkin corral located right near the market for a variety of pre-picked pumpkins for purchase.

This area is paved to accommodate all types of traffic and is a great spot to take in all the varieties of pumpkins.

Once you’ve found your favorites, the pumpkins are weighed and purchased right in the pumpkin corral. If you are purchasing your pumpkin during the daytime hours (9am-4pm) you will need to borrow a wagon and take your pumpkin in to the market to be purchased.

eating donuts and cider
girl on wagon ride
Take a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin.

If you have time to check out some of the family activities that day, put the pumpkins in your car and you’re only steps away from the market and the activity areas. Please be sure to check our Facebook page or any page on our website for Activity hours as they differ from market hours.

We suggest cider and donuts after all your hard work on in the pumpkin patch.