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News on the Farm

While the farm looks quiet if you drive by during the colder months, we’re still working behind the scenes to make sure the 2020 season is our best yet. Here are a few things we’ve been up to in the off-season.


During the colder months, we trim the apple trees. We do this because we know that the fewer apples that grow on a tree, the bigger the fruit! The more apples it produces, the smaller each apple will be. And we know you love big, full-of-flavor apples.

Another reason we trim the branches is because we need more sunlight to get to the fruit. Plus, we like to make it easier for our farmers and for YOU to get in close to pick your favorite apples later this summer. No one wants to fight with an apple tree to snag a great-looking apple.


It might be chilly now, but we’re having fun planning the 2020 Sunflower Festival! We have so many colors, shapes, and sizes of sunflowers to plant. Deciding where they’ll all go has been an interesting process. We have some that will stand just 3 feet tall, and some that will tower at 7 or 8 feet tall. We can’t wait to spill all the details later this summer, but just know that we’re working hard to give you Southwest Michigan’s premier sunflower experience.

scattered sunflower seeds
winter at the farm
Hold on. Summer is coming!

We’re always working for the next season and we’d love to hear from you. As always, go follow us over on Facebook for all the latest details on upcoming events and behind the scenes from our farm family.

Hang in there, Michigan, spring and summer are on their way!

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